Saturday, July 29, 2017

July 26

Abbie Malichi with a giant roosterfish she caught on July 26 th What a rooster Way to go Abbie!#cabosanlucas #bajaanglers #baja#roosterfish

Super July fishing

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Roosterfish # CuberaSnapper# Cabo# Fun#FlyfishingGuides# today's Guest:
Casey y Noah Tramel. #Life is Good

This truly has been the best July ever We have been catching big roosters everyday we go out This is Robert N Alan Lewis#cabosanlucas #bajaanglers #baja #roosterfish slammed the big roosters

Carl Adams

Carl Adams caught some sweet roosters n jacks A fishing trip of a lifetime!#baja #cabosanlucas #bajaanglers #roosterfish

Another giant roosterfish Cabo does it again Gustavo caught this giant on July 19 th Congrats to a fish of a lifetime!

July is the month of the rooster

Omar Garza with another pig of a rooster It's hard to hold on to these giant roosterfish#bajaanglers #cabosanlucas #baja #roosterfish

More big roosters

Yellowdog outfitters sent us Franco Sergi Franco ended up with this giant roosterfish Way to go Franco!!!#baja #cabosanlucas #bajaanglers #yellowdogflyfishing #roosterfish

July roosterfishing is off the charts

How about Nick Harris with this pig of a monster roosterfish Wow does it get any better than this? #bajaanglers #granthartman #cabosanlucas #baja #roosterfish

Tom Guest

July has been the best rooster month ever in Cabo Tom Guest with a monster rooster

Sunday, June 25, 2017

June 23rd

Jan Smutty Jones n Nathan Tanner killed it on the big roosters

June 23 rd

Andrew and Mary on their second day of fishing with us Way to go guys!

Big roosters June 20 th

John n Mary Bradbury from England came across the ocean to fish with us Wow what a great fishing trip! Mary what a huge rooster n Andrew yours is super also

June has been an outstanding month to fish inshore

Way too much fun!

Steve N Jimmy having fun in Cabo

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Look at that huge yellowtail

Jim Thomson n friends killed it huge jacks roosters yellowtail n snappers

Fishing just doesn't get better than this

Big roosters n jacks

If you want to catch huge Roosterfish n jacks you need to come to Cabo now it won't last forever this is the best inshore fishing in years!!