Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Lex Horcert his buddy Bart

They had a great day with dorado n roosters Fishing in Cabo is so much fun right now

Scott Harrington got into dorado on the fly

Tom Cressman

Dorado n roosters Now that's a great day

Fun day surf fishing

Ric Sorrenson n Mike Gibbons had a fun day surf fishing with me They caught 16 roosters n 3 jack Cravelles nothing over 15 lbs but we had a action packed day, n that was full of fun n good times

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Oct 22

Long time friend n guest Brian Roberts had a great day today He caught 3 dorado n one Marlin on the Fly Way to go !!!

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Good times in Cabo Dorado n tuna on light tackle n fly

Fishibg report Oct 5th

Fushing has been so much fun lately especially on light spinning rods n fly rods
We are catching roosterfish, dorado n tuna right now It's way too much fun

Saturday, July 29, 2017

July 26

Abbie Malichi with a giant roosterfish she caught on July 26 th What a rooster Way to go Abbie!#cabosanlucas #bajaanglers #baja#roosterfish

Super July fishing

#BajaAnglers #FlyFishing Saltwater#
Roosterfish # CuberaSnapper# Cabo# Fun#FlyfishingGuides# today's Guest:
Casey y Noah Tramel. #Life is Good

This truly has been the best July ever We have been catching big roosters everyday we go out This is Robert N Alan Lewis#cabosanlucas #bajaanglers #baja #roosterfish slammed the big roosters

Carl Adams

Carl Adams caught some sweet roosters n jacks A fishing trip of a lifetime!#baja #cabosanlucas #bajaanglers #roosterfish

Another giant roosterfish Cabo does it again Gustavo caught this giant on July 19 th Congrats to a fish of a lifetime!

July is the month of the rooster

Omar Garza with another pig of a rooster It's hard to hold on to these giant roosterfish#bajaanglers #cabosanlucas #baja #roosterfish

More big roosters

Yellowdog outfitters sent us Franco Sergi Franco ended up with this giant roosterfish Way to go Franco!!!#baja #cabosanlucas #bajaanglers #yellowdogflyfishing #roosterfish

July roosterfishing is off the charts

How about Nick Harris with this pig of a monster roosterfish Wow does it get any better than this? #bajaanglers #granthartman #cabosanlucas #baja #roosterfish

Tom Guest

July has been the best rooster month ever in Cabo Tom Guest with a monster rooster

Sunday, June 25, 2017

June 23rd

Jan Smutty Jones n Nathan Tanner killed it on the big roosters

June 23 rd

Andrew and Mary on their second day of fishing with us Way to go guys!